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Features which support your child's development

Making memories


After capturing a 1-second video clip of your little one each day, Blüm seamlessly stitches your journey together into a concise and beautiful visual momento which lasts forever to keep and share.

Meeting milestones


The first few years of a baby's life can be confusing, even for the most experienced of parents. Our health team have built a unique milestone tracker informing you of what is important to look out for and when to expect it!


We believe that the precious memories of your child's development should be given the correct companion. One which both presents them in an easy-to-use package with great eductional insights. The calendar stores your memories and notifies you of impending milestones.


We've talked to hundreds of parents, some who are new to parenthood and others seasoned professionals. We found that all of them would appreciate a reassuring hand in explaining what their baby's development entails, and what to look out for. Enter milestone articles.

Watch them Blüm


As your collection of precious memories grows, so does your Blüm sequence. This is a compilation of all of your memories condensed into a short video, showing a timelapse of your baby's development over a number of months in a matter of seconds.


Visualisation is a powerful trigger for memory: one moment captured each day maintains a detailed record. Never forget the day they first smiled, walked, or said their first word.


Once a milestone has been passed you have the beginnings of an important record of your child's development, and a specific timestamp of when your baby took their first steps, said their first words and built their first building blocks.

Supportive community


Invite your trusted family members to share in the development of your baby. No need to feel out of the loop or unsupported. Plus, allow the people who you trust to care for your baby such as babysitters and nursery carers to add to your memories. You don't want to miss a thing!


An invaluable learning source for when you need that extra reasurance regarding what to look out for during the early stages of your child's development. Linked to your milestones are snippets of great information about what to look out for and what to expect in the first 3 years of their growth.


Have you ever captured a precious moment in your child's development, only to find that it's time-consuming or difficult to share this with close family members? Add family members to your account in order to tag and share the moments with them. They'll also be able to contribute to your media gallery!


We're not just making memories. Here's the future of Blüm

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Providing reassurance to decrease overcrowding

Through the Blüm timeline, key developmental milestones are highlighted throughout the first 5 years of your child's life. Educating parents on what to expect during their child's development will help to decrease the current average of 14 annual visits to their local GP concerning their child.

Roadmap: September 2018

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Sharing and growing with other parents

Blüm community is a platform for parents to communicate with other parents to discuss their progress, concerns and achievements regarding their child. We've found that parents, especially those whom are caring for their first child, can often feel alone in their journey through parenthood. We are going to change this with support and collaboration.

Roadmap: January 2019

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Supporting family communication and collaboration

Each family member can create an account with Blüm. The lead account holder of the family can manage who has access to their milestones. This feature will encourage collaboration amongst families to contribute and support both the child and the parents without parents feeling as if they are unable to seek assistance.

Roadmap: November 2018

"We believe in reassurance through improving access to educational information and communication channels between parents and healthcare professionals"

Team Blüm, March 2018
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Easy feedback channels with childcare professionals

Are you enrolling your child at nursery or thinking of adopting a child? Bluüm can be utilised as a health-record which can be privately shared with registered healthcare professionals within the Blüm application. Always be up-to-date with your child's health.

Roadmap: March 2019

"At times I feel isolated as a first time mother, you have so many questions about your baby but are unsure of how to access the right information or support."

Mother of 3, Blüm research survey London

"I've had to pay hundreds of pounds for a weekly photographer to create a montage of my children growing up. Blüm would solve that!"

Mother of 2, Blüm research survey London
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Increasing the vaccination adoption rate in the developing world

Uptake of vaccinations in children is still much lower in the developing world. This not only increases the child mortality rate, but also places strain on already overcrowded healthcare systems to treat non-communicable diseases later in life. By introducing a vaccination record application to the families within the target country at point of child birth, we will educate individuals on the importance of vaccinations whilst support existing healthcare infrastructure. This would be free for the user.

Roadmap: July 2021

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Supporting midwives by streamlining their current process

On average, midwives who make home visits to parents can only make between 8 and 10 appointments per day due to travel restrictions and the heavily manual process used to assist them in scheduling these appointments. Midwives can be allocated to your Blüm profile, giving them the ability to survey your childs development with your permission, allowing you to request appointment and them to say whether they believe a check-up is necessary. Efficient reassurance.

Roadmap: September 2018

Making Blüm a reality:

Dr Michael Watts

Founder of Startup Social UK

Medical Doctor

James Lomas

Co-Founder of AccentPOS®

UI/UX Designer

Micah Weightman

Senior Developer, Hilarys


Helen Sachdev

COO Marsh & Parsons | NED


Sybil Wong

COO Sparrho | PHD


Ruth Vakrat

UX | Product | Strategy


Abdel Mahmoud

Founder of MedMavens